Our performance in 2019 is a testament to hard work and sound financial management. Despite facing a competitive rate environment, we successfully met members’ lending and investment needs while growing our retail loan and deposit portfolios 2.2% and 5.5% respectively.

Read on for more financial highlights and a look at our five-year results

Our assets have increased
by $238 million or 23.08%
over the past five years.

$2.5 billion in dollars under
management represents
growth of 3.34% over the
previous year.

$615,224 was shared
with our member-owners
through a 2.00% patronage
dividend for 2019.

Total Profit Shares Declared ($)

Consolidated Assets ($)

Deposits ($)

Dollars Under Management($)

Consolidated Net Income ($)

Just want the numbers? Download our 2019 Full Financial Statements here.